Foothills Santa Barbara


This immense 4-bedroom 4-bath 5-fireplace ocean-view home in the Santa Barbara foothills is as much a testament to patience and flexibility as craftsmanship and luxury. The original house was burned to the ground in the Tea Fire of 2008, which presented a long and protracted dance between the desires of the owner and what the insurance company was prepared to pay. LFH served as on-site project manager, working with realtor Lisa Lociacono and coordinating an extensive team of subcontractors on this Italian-inspired estate that often had to be put on hold until there was resolution with insurance reimbursements.

LFH oversaw footing work, frame finalization, and work to mechanical, plumbing, insulation, plastering and septic installation. We also completed much of the windows and initial cabinetry work.

A takeaway from this luxury rebuild is that a solid measure of general contracting is the flexibility to accomplish piecemeal work quickly and on-time to accommodate real-world constraints.



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